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Santa’s Great Gifts

Santa Claus will take your friends to the very cold North Pole, Santa's Great Gifts where the snow will cover the phone and the gifts will be scattered for you. You will feel as if you are in a happy festival with the sound of pleasant music. The way to win is to have 8 identical symbols appear in your playing circle. If you win with those 8 hammers, the Tumble feature will appear. At that time, each symbol will be transformed into a character from various festivals, candy, cookies, and Christmas snow globes. You will get more bonus and compensation multiplier will be given from 2x to 100x. 4 or more Scatter symbols need to appear to get Free Spins. If you get a Scatter during the free spins, the number of free spins will be increased. A maximum of 20 times. When you enter the Free Spins feature, you can receive up to 100 times the maximum multiplier for each spin. You can win up to 5,000 times Grandpa's biggest prize thanks to these guys, so give it a try.

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