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Introduction to the Birth of Casinos

Around the 17th century, casinos started in Venice, Italy. We don't think it's wrong to say that casinos were born more than 380 years ago. The name Casino comes from the Italian word Casa, which means house. Why do they call it home? I don't think it's too much for Italians to enjoy places like parties and social clubs because they feel like home.

In 1638, the first Italian casino was called Ca' Vendramin Calergi. They started at the Grand Canal, which is a harbor in Venice. During that century, in a theater called Teatro Saint Moses, a room was built so that we could have fun while watching a play during the intermission of the play. This room was called Ridotto II . Francesco and Pietro used their artwork as a Gamble Room in the same room. Since it was the first casino to be officially opened under the country's law, word spread like wildfire in the town. Within a century, hundreds of gambling houses have appeared.

In 1774, the casino, Ca' Vendramin, was closed and renamed Casino Di Venezia, which is still today.

Casinos appeared   Roulette, which is a classic game, appeared a century later. It was still the most popular game in France in the 18th century. Casinos started playing Biribi and Basetta for the first time. Biribi is betting on numbers like today's lottery. Players bet on the number they like on the 70 different numbers. The dealer draws numbers randomly in a bag that cannot be seen inside. Another type, Baetta, is a card game similar to Blackjack and Poker. Winners get 60 times their stake back. Also, Bingo is a Lottery-style game where you have to buy numbers together. Some say that the game of baccarat began in the 19th century, while some surveys suggest that it was played by Italian soldiers during the wars at the wedding of Charles VIII in the 15th century.

Although they were officially open casinos, they were a sign of high stakes and beautiful rooms. At that time, only wealthy people could play.

Now the field of casinos has evolved so that everyone can play online at their home with low-stakes

Casino Dealer Girl dealing Baccarat

Online Casino Games

Shan Koe Mee text, space 8 and A playing card with casino chip on red background

Shan Koe Mee is a favorite game of Burmese people and other countries are also interested in playing it

Roulette , playing cards , money and gold

The game of roulette has been played for decades and remains firmly popular in casinos around the world

Blackjack text , playing cards and casino chip

Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a sophisticated game that is loved by many people all over the world and has become one of the most popular casino card games played till date.

4 A playing cards and casino chip

Poker is a gambling game that involves some skill as well as some luck. It is one of the most successful and popular games that players can't help but play.

Heart Jack playing card, spade 9 Playing cards and 2 casino chip

Baccarat is an exciting and popular game among the French aristocracy since the 19th century.

Bingo paper and bingo ball with gold coin

Bingo is a popular game that can be played for cash and prizes. The most common reason for playing bingo is that it is fun, social, and gives you a chance to win a lot of money.

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