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Bonanza Gold

They will dig in the ground and find Bonanza Gold. Bonanza slot game theme is a precious gold mine and colorful with various gems. The graphics of the game are high quality and you will have fun like you have never experienced anywhere. The main point of the game is to collect these treasures into a group. If you can do the number specified by the system, you will get a reward. This is a special feature that has been added to make it fun and not boring. This game is a game from Pragmatic Play or PP SLOT company which is famous and popular nowadays. (Buy Feature) You can buy Free Spin with a button. The special feature is the gold nugget that usually comes with the Free Spin. That gold nugget will give you up to 100x multiplier. And at the same time, you will receive a bonus of up to 21100x your bet amount. The game format is a 5x6 video slot game format. The payment slot has 20 slots, and you can get the maximum multiplier of 100 times with the Free Spin mode. There are only so many valuable gems in Bonanza's gold mine. So prepare the cart to collect those treasures. Then leave the gold mine with a small fortune. If there is a stone block on the way out, detonate the red dynamite and win.

Bonanza Gold Slot game logo and game play screenshot
Bonanza Gold (PP)
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