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History of Cockfight

Cockfight gambling is a favorite game of Burmese people.

We all know that cockfighting is a favorite game of the Burmese people. There is evidence that history of cockfight has been a pastime in the Indus Valley culture since ancient times. China It was popular in Persia and other eastern countries, reaching ancient Greece under Themistocles (524-460 BC) and spreading throughout the world.

Called Cockfight, cockfighters are specially bred for endurance and strength. The male and female chickens of that species are called gamefowl. Chickens come from the same species, and all males are inherently aggressive. Later, many breeds of roosters can be seen. The first recorded cockfight in China dates back to 517 BC. At first, in Athens and Greece, cockfighting was partly religious and political, and later it became a picnic. An early image of a cockerel was found in the 6th century BC seal of Yazani at Mizpah in Benjamin, near Jerusalem.

Myanmar's traditional history of cockfight tradition is a cockfight that has been held continuously from the old Pagan era to the modern Burmese era. According to the debut maiden song of the Myanmar folk dances, Min Kyaw Ma (Kukhan Sothu, also known as Min Kyaw) was a hero member of the King of Pagan in the Pagan period. Because Kapan was very fond of cockfighting and drinking alcohol, in Natkana parties, Nat Win would dance while holding two figurines of chickens, pretending to be fighting cocks. As an ancient tradition of Burmese people, it was found that cockfighting and cockfighting were recorded in the notes of ancient Chinese poetry.

History of Cockfight

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