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Dinosaur Tycoon

The word "dinosaur" comes from the Greek language and means "terrible salamander".(Dinosaur Tycoon)

A dinosaur is a type of reptile that lived on land during the Mesozoic Era.The word dinosaur comes from the Greek language and means cat-like salamander.It was invented by the English biologist Richard Owen in 1842.Dinosaurs are found in fossils from the Triassic period, about 230 million years ago.

By the early Jurassic period, they had come to dominate most regions on land.They came into existence about 65 million years ago and suddenly went extinct.Birds are descended from theropod dinosaurs, and all dinosaurs on land are extinct.Let's play Dinosaur Tycoon game from ACE to prevent extinction and find dinosaurs.

thrill of the hunt with two dinosaur tycoon
Dinosaur Tycoon

Let's enjoy playing the games as entertainment with a little awareness without harming ourselves. ACE Fair Games Union would like to thank everyone who visited the website and have a nice day.

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