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Dragon Legend

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Dragon Legend

Koi jumps into the Dragon Gate in celebration and a dragon (Dragon Legend) emerges. The Dragon Gate City Temple is built on a high cliff. Under the influence of burning incense in the temple. The Koi fish in the nearby Lotus Pond are slowly gaining spirituality. The golden scales on their bodies gradually transformed into gold and silver brows. The entire pool will glow with a beautiful golden glow whenever the sun hits it.

There was also a legend within the temple that whenever the sacred lotus blossomed on the pond, the Koi would gain enlightenment and transform into a dragon. Anyone lucky enough to witness this occasion will be destined to be rewarded with blessings and good fortune.

Whenever the lotus blooms, Every time the dragon doorbell rings, Are you destined to be blessed? Whenever a matching pair of Koi appears, A Free Spin will be awarded and all winnings will be doubled. 3 Bonus symbols will bring you blessings while triggering the Bonus game mode. Rewards will increase with an upgraded playset.

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