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The long awaited Euro 2024 has arrived.

After the World Cup, the most popular football tournament, the Euros, will begin on Friday, June 14. Euro 2020 had to be rescheduled to 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The host country of Euro 2024 is Germany, and it will be held exactly one month from June 14 to July 14. Euro 2024 will feature 24 countries, including host Germany. Among those 24 countries, Georgia is the first country to join the euro. The current champion of the Euro is Italy, who beat England on penalties in 2021.

The long-awaited Euro 2024 has arrived

Germany has been competing with Turkey to host the Euros since 2018. The host country to hold the Euros must have 10 stadiums with at least 30,000 spectators. If host Germany is eliminated from the 24 participating teams, the remaining 23 teams can qualify. Out of those 23 teams, 20 teams qualified directly and the remaining three teams advanced through the playoffs. The three teams that made it to the playoffs were Georgia, Ukrainian, and Polish teams.

In this year's competition, famous teams such as host Germany, Italy, the current European champion, Euro second England World Cup runner-up France World Cup third prize winner Croatia. In addition, Portugal, which showed its strength through the Euro qualifiers, Belgian, Hungary and Romania too. If the top teams are Sweden, Norway, and Wales were knocked out of the qualifiers. Russia was banned from invading Ukraine.

Euro tournament teams are allowed to have at least 23 to 26 players per team. Final rosters must be submitted to UEFA by June 7.

Football field
The long-awaited Euro 2024 has arrived.

The official Euro 2024 song is "The Fire", composed by Italian DJ Meduza, American label One Republic, and German singer Lionel. The Euro 2024 bribe is Albert the Bear. America as sponsors Germany France have the most sponsors, What is special is that China's Alibaba Group has sponsored it. The main sponsor of the tournament is Adidas, which sponsors the tournament ball and some of the team's uniforms.

Euro 2024 is a competition that aims to earn a large amount of income from television as well as having a tight budget. Among the teams that will win the championship, the English team with Premier League stars is at the top. After England, France Italy German teams are also popular to win the title.

In Euro2024, we will have to watch with interest to see which teams will perform well and which teams will do the unexpected.

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