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The God Of Fishing Dragon (Fishing God)

Dragons are indeed very powerful creatures in Chinese mythology. In fairy tales, dragons live in various places. For example, the sky dragon lives in the sky, but it also lives in the sea. In China, dragons are symbols of kindness and warmth, but the Chinese believe that dragons are symbols of luck and fortune. Historically, dragons have served as important symbols, usually with a variety of positive connotations.

In addition to Chinese New Year, the dragon is a prominent animal during the Dragon Boat Festival, a Chinese holiday celebrated across China in late spring or early summer. In this festival, a dragon-shaped boat race is traditionally held. There are many theories as to how the Dragon Boat Festival began. One theory suggests that, in its earliest form, the festival was celebrated for good health and by asking for fruits from the dragon gods. Let's play fishing god together to help you better understand traditional Chinese fishing culture.

Fishing God

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