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Tang Bohu from Jiangnan (Flirting Scholar)

Flirting Scholar Slot
Flirting Scholar

Tang Bohu was one of the four great scholars in Jiangnan. He is also intelligent and skilled in chess and calligraphy. They met Mrs. Hua and Tang Bohu when they went to pray at the temple. There, I fell in love with the beautiful Qixiang at first sight. So he decides to infiltrate the Hua House by posing as a servant named Hua An in order to gain a relationship with Qixiang.

Meanwhile, Prince Wang visited the Hua House to trouble the family. Because of this, Tang Bohu stepped in to help the family and revealed the story. At that moment, Qiuxiang realized that Tang Bohu was the person she had always admired. However, Mrs. Hua was dissatisfied with the Tang family, and she opposed Tang Bohu in various ways. Unexpectedly, the enemy of the Hua family returned to take revenge on the entire Hua family. Mrs. Hua was killed while trying to protect her family. He was also grateful for the value of bringing peace to Hua's home. Ms. Hua, who escaped with her life, married Qiuxiang. "Flirting Scholar" is a game that offers free spins together. Play the Flirting Scholar game and have fun days.

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