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The cow (FortuneOx) is number 2 of the Chinese zodiac animals. The cow is an important brand for China's historical agriculture, and its brand is described as a "product". The cow is a hard-working and active animal. The Chinese concept is that the two best zodiac years are the year of the cow. Because the weather is always good in the year of the cow, everything is good forever, and everything is eternal. In addition, this animal from the cow meat is the most important person of the human race. It is written that anyone who touches the horns of that bull will experience happiness for the rest of their lives. It's not easy to follow this immortal old man and his cow. It's not easy to meet these great people. Not everyone can find them. You can only meet people from the lucky list. Just like that, play Fortune OX and receive rewards from OX. Get lucky and prosper. There are 10. Fortune Ox will arrive at random when the first reel and the third reel are of the same brand. If all the reels are a winner, it won't be repeated until all the reels are a winner.

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