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Gem Saviour

Ara (Gem Saviour) came out with an army of mysterious creatures and invaded the village of Aurora. Valuable jewels were taken from the villagers and the poor were imprisoned. Misela, a spirited girl, fought bravely but was defeated and turned into a cat. Misela ventures out to find the hero who holds the key to breaking the curse. On her expedition, She unexpectedly gains a pair of wings that allow her to fly and is taken to a savior capable of unleashing the gems' true power. Exciting four-match title tour and big wins like never before. Get continuous combos and re-spins.

happy Gem Saviour man with game elements
Gem Saviour
  • Let's enjoy playing the games as entertainment with a little awareness without harming ourselves. ACE Fair Games Union would like to thank everyone who visited the website and have a nice day.

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