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Giant Shark Slot (PlayStar)

Giant Shark Game where you have to dive and find a treasure chest The game I want to review is Giant Shark Slot from PS Slot (PlayStar). This is a video game where you send divers from a ship to retrieve treasure chests in the sea. For those people who are bored of spinning the slot reels, this video game will have a lot of fun. The image quality of the game is also very good, so I hope you will be satisfied. You can also watch videos about the game on ACE Fair Game Union's Official Youtube Channel.


  • Send the divers underwater and get the treasure chests below, the sharks in the underwater will bite them, and they have to come back safely.(Giant Shark Slot)


  • You can add and subtract the amount you want to bet. If the Bet Amount is high, the value of the treasure box will also increase.


  • The divers will get back up without being bitten by the sharks, and will get it by multiplying it with the Bet Amount according to the small multiples in the small treasure chests. The maximum payout is 300x.

  • Red box - 30x-300x

  • Purple box - 10x - 200x

  • Blue box - 2x - 100x

  • Green box - 0.2x - 10x

  • Normal box - 0.1x - 2x

Giant Sharp is following a driver in the ocean.
Giant Sharp


  • If you are careful, if you drop the divers in a mass, the biggest sharks will come in the middle. You can experience many carnivorous fish.

Additional Tips

  • Speaking of which, I want to play a game of Giant Shark. ACE Fair Game Union's best Myanmar game sites are also offering promotions, so we encourage you to go and play now. If you are interested in these little games, you can visit the ACE Blog page and read them.

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