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History of Christmas Day

 ACE Fair Games Union
Christmas Day

๐ŸŽ Christmas Day

The Christmas abbreviation (X) comes from the Greek word Christo. In the early days of Christian churches, members of the church were given a secret sign (X). From Christo it became the English word Christ. Most people stay away from Mas, so X-Mas is derived from Christ Mass. Christmas Day is also the day Jesus Christ was born. December 25, 366 AD, was established as the first Christmas Day during the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine, and it is a religious holiday for Christians all over the world. Roman Emperor Constantine (Constatine) was the first Christian Roman king. According to the Christian Bible, it is estimated that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Israel, between 6-1 BC (Before Christ 6-1 century) in mid-September (or early October). However, most Christians believe that Jesus Christ's birthday is on December 25.

๐ŸŽ„ Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a symbol that is always associated with Christmas. Tacho said that the Christmas tree originated from an evergreen tree used in the traditional worship of the Saturanalia people of the ancient Roman Empire. The first Christmas tree was used by the Germans in 1604. The Christmas tree has a large triangular base, narrows at the top, and has a star at the top. The triangular tree was made by Saint Boniface. The English name Christmas tree was first found in 1835. Today's Christmas trees have gifts, Decorated with lights.

๐ŸŽ… Santa Claus

If you say Santa Claus, anyone will say Santa Claus. Children still think that there is a real-life Santa Claus (Father Christmas) and they still look forward to Santa Claus who will bring gifts every Christmas day. In fact, Santa Claus is the Catholic Christian hermit Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas is believed to have been born around 280 AD. He gave away everything he owned, It is said that he traveled to rural areas and helped the poor. He was revered by everyone and became a protector for children and adults alike. Every day of his death (December 6), they hold a party to honor him. At Christmas time, Santa Claus appeared, thinking that St. Nicholas brought gifts. The type of Santa Claus that we see today was created by Thomas Nast, an American citizen, who envisioned his neighbor's father and grandfather giving gifts to children with a smiling face.

On the day of Christ, our ACE team members would like to pray "God Bless you all".


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