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History of Jack Cards

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History of Jack Cards

One of the cards we play, Jack Cards, may seem similar if you look at them by accident, but in fact, both the pictures and the background history are different. In fact, it is the image of famous soldiers in human history. The names of those soldiers

1. Ogier The Dane (Jack of Spades)

Ogier was the son of a Danish king in the 8th century AD. He fought the Saracens on Charlemagne's side, and it was he who famously slew the giant Brehus.

2. La Hire (Jack of Hearts)

La Hire was a commander in the French army during the Hundred Years' War and was one of the few military leaders who trusted Joan at the Battle of Orleans.

3. Hector (Jack of Diamonds)

In Greek mythology, Hector was a Trojan prince and the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan War. He served as the leader of the Trojans and their allies in the defense of Troy, killing 31,000 Greek fighters.

4. Lancelot (Jack of Clubs)

Lancelot is the most trusted of King Arthur's knights and a key player in many of Arthur's conquests. Lancelot is known for his quest for the Holy Grail with Guinevere, Arthur's wife.

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