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How to play Baseball

Baseball was introduced by Abner Doubleday, a general during the American Civil War, in New York State in 1839. Invented in Cooperstown.

Baseball was introduced by Abner Doubleday, a general during the American Civil War, in New York State in 1839. Invented in Cooperstown.

Baseball is played centered around the infield in the middle of the field. The indoor playground is 90 feet long on each side. 3 of the 4 angles are the first basic angle, second base angle; It is called the third base angle. The other corner is called Home Plate in English and is where the bat is held.

The second base corner is 12 feet 9½ inches from the pitcher's mound. 115 feet and 11 inches between the second base angle and the pitching position. At least one umpire in the game of baseball. A maximum of 4 people can be accommodated. The umpire is behind the pitcher, and the other three are at the first base corner, second base angle; Watching behind the ball catcher. In baseball, 2 teams compete and each team has 9 players. These are football throwers, football catcher first baseman; second baseman; third base cornerman; the catcher between second and third base; The value of the bowling alley The man in the middle of the bowling alley The people of the bowling alley. When the game starts, the other team goes down to the field and takes their place. Players from the rest of the team take turns hitting the ball with the bat. Before his turn, he had to go outside and sit.

The player in the field has to wear a leather glove on one hand. The catcher stays behind the hitter and wears a thicker glove to catch the fast ball. The ball thrower must step on the designated area with one foot when throwing the ball. The thrower does not drop the ball below the catcher's knee. It is called correct ball if it is thrown without going over the shoulder. If it is a system point ball and the stick holder is standing without touching the ball, or Whether the ball is hit by the bat or misses, the referee calls it a strike and gives the decision. If you have to call Strike 3 times, you have to go out with a stick. However, on the third strike call, the ball slipped out of the catcher's hand, but there was no need to release the bat. A batted ball must cross between the two boundary lines that extend from home plate past first and third base and into the outfield.

Any ball thrown outside of those two lines is not a fair ball and will be called a strike. If the ball is below the knee of the stick holder or over the shoulder or If it passes outside the home plate, the referee calls out the ball. If there are 4 "balls", the pitcher can go to the first base corner unhindered. If the ball hit by the players in the field is caught before it hits the ground, the hitter is out. Before the shooter arrived at the first base prison, If the other side who gets the ball is heading towards that corner, the shooter is out.

In this way, they continue to play until 3 players are out of the side where the ball is hit. If 3 people continue to go out, they have to play alternately from side to side. Once the ball has been hit and dropped on either side, the round is considered complete. They usually play up to 9 rounds in a match. If it's a draw, play continues. In the United States, professional baseball teams are established and play a long tournament from mid-April to early October every year.

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