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Legend of Hou Yi

legend of hou yi game character and game element
Legend of Hou Yi

Long ago, there was a sun in the sky. They all took turns passing through the sky every day. The people of the world have lived like this for decades, happily plowing their fields at sunrise and going home to rest at sunset.

But the Ten Suns grew tired of the endless cycle. Then one day they all appeared together in the sky. The ten suns shine like burning flames, and the heat from the suns scorches the earth. All the crops and houses were burnt to ashes and all the rivers and lakes dried up. Under the sun, people are dying of hunger and dehydration. The Heavenly Emperor saw the terrible devastation on Earth and ordered his general, Hou Yi, to drive away the suns. Hou Yi decided to throw the nine suns in the sky to save the people. So Hou Yi (Legend of Hou Yi) climbed to the top of the highest mountain and shot a thousand arrows at the nine suns in the sky.

From then on, there was only one sun in the sky, and every day it rose from the east and entered the west.

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