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Mahjong originated in southern China in the mid-1800s. (MAHJONG WAYS)

Mahjong originated in southern China in the mid-1800s and was developed toward the end of the Qing Dynasty, one of the most male-dominated gambling games of the time, Heinz said. The word mahjong means "sparrow" in the Southern Chinese dialect, and refers to the bird-like sound of clapping as tiles are exchanged. It is widely believed to be derived from the ancient Chinese card game Madiao.

The Chinese game is skill, A tactical calculation and one of the few chances. It is a popular tabletop game played by generations of players. Beginning over a hundred years ago, the Chinese game spread to other countries, and today there are at least 40 different types of Mahjong around the world. MAHJONG WAYS 3+

Mahjong ways and the golden dragon
Mahjong Way 3+

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