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SICBO dice that will not change 0 because of a double

ဆတစ်ချက်ကြောင့် ဘ၀ပြောင်းမဲ့ SICBO အန်စာတုံး
sicbo casino

SicBo is a traditional Chinese dice game played with 3 dice, and is a popular game in Asia. In the early 20th century, it was widely played in casinos in Hong Kong and Macau, and has been played in most American casinos.

(1) Only one number must be bet (Specific Triple)

All three dice must be the same number.

Example - 5+5+5 (180 times compensation)

(2) Bet on a single number (Specific Double) Two dice must be the same number.

Example - 2+2 (11 times compensation)

(3) No need to select only one number (Any Triple)

All three random dice must be the same number. (31 times compensation)

(4) A single number must be bet (Single Dice) (1 x 1) (2 x 2) (3 x 12)

(5) Two-Dice Combination

Example - 4+5 (6 times compensation)

(6) Big - Addition of three dice between 11 and 17 (1x compensation)

(7) Small - Addition of three dice between 4 and 10 (1x compensation) and so on.

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