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Sun Wukong (Legendary Monkey King)

Sun Wukong (Legendary Monkey King) is the leader of all the monkeys on Mount Huaguo. He was arrested by the Heavenly Court for stealing Zhenhai's treasures from the Dragon Palace and stealing Yama King's Book of Death without permission. However, the Monkey King's martial arts were so good that it was very difficult to arrest him.

Sun Wukong knew that all the gods and goddesses were holding a royal feast for the queen mother, but he was not invited due to his low status. Sun Wukong, in a fit of rage, destroys the royal banquet. The joint forces of Erlang Shen and Taishang Laojun finally attempted to capture him and judge him in the Heavenly Court. He was sealed in the eight-way trigram to turn him into a lifesaver. Unexpectedly, Sun Wukong developed a new skill, Huoyan Jinjing, in the log. After 49 days, he was freed from the stake.

Sun Wukong (Legendary Monkey King)

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