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Super Ace ( JILI )

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Super Ace ( JILI )

JILI's Super Ace game is popular, and it is the most convenient game for everyone to play because they want to play with a small bet amount. I would like to recommend you to play a game that often scatters and gives free spins. In this game, there are (4) Golden Card, Joker Card, Combo Multiplier, and Free Game

Golden Card is reels 2; It will only appear in 3 and 4. The Joker Card will change from the Golden Card. As for the Joker Card, there are (2) "Big Joker Cards" and "Little Joker Cards"

Combo Multiplier x1, x2, x3, There are 4 levels x5

To reach the maximum number of combos, you don't need to play anything special, and the number of combos will increase just by playing regularly.

In order to win the Free Game, you need to land at least 3 Scatters

In Free Game, x2, x4, x6, There are 4 levels up to x10 and you can win up to 10 times the multiplier.

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