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The sport of Table Tennis

Ping Pong (or)Table Tennis How the sport of Table Tennis began

Ping Pong (or table tennis) was invented around 1800 in England in the Victorian era. The way to play is to use a book in the middle of a table, and two players take a place on one side and use the other two books as bats to hit the golf ball. The game is called Ping Pong, and now it is called table tennis. Then (1901) EC Goode (E.C. Goode) used rubber plates with knobs on a wooden stick, and when (1988) came, they were introduced to the Olympic Games. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was founded in 1926, and currently, there are 226 member countries in the Table Tennis Federation.

Two people playing table tennis and cheering fans
Table Tennis

How to play table tennis

The game is a sport that can be played by two to four players. A table is surrounded by a 6-inch-high net. One leg on the player's side of the table. He has to give the ball to his opponent's side. Then the opponent has to push back to reach the other side before the ball falls again. (Service) All other return shots from the service ball must land at least one ball back on the opponent's side. If a player does not hit the ball in line, his opponent gets a point. This game is high-speed and requires a quick response, and now it has become a favorite game of all ages. You can read the details of the game on Wikipedia.

How table tennis started playing in Myanmar

In Myanmar, table tennis started playing in 1960. The Myanmar Table Tennis Association was formed on March 27, 1964. (2003) At the (22nd) Southeast Asian Games held in Vietnam, the women's team won the silver medal and won the bronze medal at the (23rd) Games. (2013) Table tennis was successfully included in the Southeast Asian Games held in Myanmar.

A man in a table tennis tournament celebrating victory
Can be betting Table Tennis

Now that online games are in vogue, table tennis tournaments can be placed and bet on game websites by ACE Fair Game Union, the leading website in Myanmar. JDBKX and JDBKK, which are fair and responsible, can open an account and try their luck on game websites. You can place your favorite bets and support the competitions so that you can get exciting feelings.

Note. Since it is a gambling game, we recommend that you play with caution.

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