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What is Shan Komi???

It can even be said that the Shan Komi Game is the first online card game in Myanmar. Shan Komi is the favorite of Burmese people, and other countries are also interested in playing this game. In general, a maximum of six people play at a table, and then they have to play in a style of referee and player.

The first two cards are dealt 0, then the eight and nine cards are "do" and the cards can be turned over. If there is a doe, the doe is suitable and the rest of the people can draw a low turn, and the dike can draw. The largest 2 card pairs in Sham Koi, both numerically and in terms of turns, are Spade A + Spade 8 (Spade A + Spade 8). There is no draw in Shan Komi. Just like the show, you can give power. If you get 8 + 8 = 16 by summing up the cards, then take the back numbers as 6. If the back numbers are the same, you can see the win or loss of the 2-card player or the 3-card player. For example, even though the 6 is the same, the person who gets a 6 out of 2 cards can beat the person who gets a 6 out of 3 cards. If the opening is the same, you can use 10/J/Q/K/A. Heart Diamond (Dong), can be shown as opening a Club. Although there are different ways to play Shan Koi, they all have the same concept.

Friends, whether you want to play for fun or want to play commercially, just have a phone and you can easily play on the game websites suggested at Ace Fair Game Union.

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