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Greek Goddess Athena (Wisdom of Athena)

This old but still good slot game from PP is still popular.

The Greek goddess in Wisdom of Athena shows her power on the spinning wheel. This game makes you feel like you have traveled to ancient Greece. With the pleasant music and effects, you will feel something about Athena on the Greek island. Also, you can encounter everything from symbolism and Greek mythology. For example, the goddess Athena Must see things like glass and diamond tiles. All these things are produced with beautiful graphic design. The size of this spinning wheel game is 5x6. How to win with this game, you can get compensation just by appearing 8 of the same symbols during the spin. If you win with that symbol, that symbol will be removed from the spinning wheel and replaced by another symbol. It will also increase the winning rate. Every tumble will show a special spinning wheel image. When spinning the Free Spins, the multiplier will provide all 10 free spins. Every time you spin, the multiplier can increase by 1x or more. Additional wheel spinners can also be owned.

Wisdom of Athena slot
Wisdom of Athena

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