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Super Ace

It is advisable to play Super Ace, a popular player in the Jili blog games, which often costs Scatter and offers a lot of Free bonuses. Scatter (3) now needs to fall for the Free Game.
In the Free Game, x2၊ x4၊ x6၊ Up to x10 levels are 4 levels and up to 10 times more common In this game, there are four types of Golden Card, Joker Card, Combo Multiplier, Free Game။Golden Card is reels 2 ၊ Joker Card will only appear on 3 and 4. At Combo Multiplier, x1၊ x2၊ x3၊ x5 has 4 steps.
The combo will come up with regular play, without a special toy. Free Game is a popular game because it is played by at least 5,000 kyats.

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