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Monkey King Fishing

Wukong is a rock-born monkey king who gains supernatural powers through Taoist practices (Monkey King Fishing).

The Monkey King, or Sun Wukong, is a fictional character best known as one of the traditional Chinese fictional characters in the 16th-century Chinese epic Journey to the West.Sun Wukong is a stone-born monkey king who gains supernatural powers through Taoist practices.Sun Wukong has many qualities.He has amazing strength and can support the weight of two heavenly mountains on his shoulders while running at the speed of a meteor. He is very fast and can travel 34,000 miles in one leap.He has great memorization skills and can remember every monkey ever born. As the Monkey King, it is his duty to track down and protect every monkey.

He is a skilled fighter and is capable of defeating the best of Heaven's warriors.His hair has magical properties and he can clone himself and wield various weapons, The ability to transform into animals and other things.In fact, the Monkey King plunged into the ocean and captured the Dragon King's crown.A large nail used in the water can expand and contract at his command. The iron rod became the Monkey King's favorite weapon.Let's play The Monkey King Fishing game together with his weapon..

Wukong game character on jewels
Monkey King
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