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The Dragon Palace Under The Sea ( Dragon Fishing 2 )

If you're getting bored with playing slots, you might want to try out JDB's new game Dragon Fishing which is currently in development. Given that the fishing game is already popular and successful, there is no need to explain much further. The dragon that rewards X1000 and the crab that rewards X4500 are for friends.

In Chinese mythology, there was a dragon that ruled the sea for over a hundred thousand years. If the dragon is powerful enough to rule the sea, it should also be able to strike fear into the gods.

There, a young boy from an obscure village ventured into the sea in need of a dragon's treasure that his mother needed. Fortunately, the young man saw an opportunity while the Dragon King was gone to meet the Moon King. Due to the young man's love for his mother, he discovered a treasure trove and obtained the necessary resources.

fishing game
dragon fishing

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