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Winning Mask ( JDB )

Face-changing, or "Bian Liang" in Chinese, is an ancient Chinese theater art that is part of Sichuan Opera.Performers dress in brightly colored costumes and move to the beat of fast-paced music.Characters from the opera are depicted wearing colorful blindfolds and instantly switching from one face to another with a head movement or hand wave.Sichuan Opera is one of the Han Chinese operas popular in Chongqing and Guizhou Provinces of Sichuan in eastern and central Yunnan Province.

Historically, Bian Liang is rarely seen outside of China because non-Chinese are not allowed to learn the art form, but since the mid-2000s, it has been occasionally performed in international media and at traditional Chinese events.Because the cultural basis of opera is not well known outside of China, international performers strive to inform and increase its entertainment value for Westerners who may not know the meaning of the face and the face.In the old tradition of opera, let's play the Winning Mask slot game at Ace Fair Games Union and find colorful masks together...

the Winning Mask slot game at Ace Fair Games Union
Winning Mask

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